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For those of us who labor week after week to help our communities proclaim and celebrate their faith in song, who help them sing their cries of lament, anger and grief--I know that we often (quickly) need a song after a natural or human-caused disaster, or in response to a personal loss within your community, or in times of gratitude and rejoicing.

The time between the submission of a song and its print publcation can be many months. These songs--tested in numerous workshops--are offered for communities to incorporate whenever it seems appropriate. You may download and use these songs without charge until they are published. You can write me to receive an assembly part at martyhaugen@mac.com.

If you do download these songs, please check this website occasionally for information about its publication and, when a song is published, please honor the gift of its free use by replacing your copies with published copies.

Thank you, Marty

Choose to Hope

This song was written in Advent, 2016, as a Chrstian response with my own faith  community to the increasing isolation and hostility between people in our nation and world. PDF for download.

God Bless the Hands 

This song was written as a sung prayer for victims of natural disasters (especially floods and hurricanes, now more common and powerful with global climate change) and first responders who risk their lives to come to the aid of people and communities. PDF for download

This is God's Table

This communion song was written for Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church in Jackson, Wyoming. In their invitation to communion, they proclaim, "This is not our table, this is not a Lutheran table, this is God's table, and all are welcome here." PDF for download.


Unpublished Articles

Here are several unpublished articles that you can download for free for limited use.  Please respect the notices included with each file in regard to making further copies and replacing them with published editions when available. To see the articles, click here. 

Because these are unpublished works, there will occasionally be mistakes in the score or (sometimes) odd layouts.

To download these files you will need Adobe © Acrobat Reader on your computer.



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